Thursday, February 4, 2016

Watch: Nurse Wins Fight, Dad Jacked about it

We have mixed feelings about fighting. Always have. There's just something about a professional sport allowing athletes to drop gloves and pound one another into submission that creates seriously bad optics for a game trying to win over fans in these kindler, gentler times. It's also not good for the brains inside those heads that are taking those punches (have you heard of chronic traumatic encephelopathy?).

But then there are those fights that, when concluded, segue into a shot of the winning player's father getting pumped up about it in the stands. That's what happened tonight in Ottawa, as Darnell Nurse put the wallop on Ottawa's Max McCormick. Mr. Nurse, proud and silver bulleted, was pumped.

That's good times.

The Oilers won the game, 7-2. Feelings about the Oilers last two games with Connor McDavid are strong. Feelings about fighting remain mixed.

One more look: