Friday, April 15, 2016

Watch: Lightning, Red Wings Get Down and Dirty, Abdelkader Even Dirtier

As we mentioned earlier, things have gotten absolutely nutty at Amalie Arena during Game Two of the Lightning-Red Wings series in Tampa.

Don't believe? Just watch the video above. Hard to comprehend what Justin Abdelkader was thinking when he was throwing blind punch after blind punch after blind punch after blind punch into the relatively innocent mug of Mike Blunden.

That's a serious case of road rage demonstrated by Abdelkader. Things have been heated all series between Detroit and Tampa, and we're all for hard-nosed, chippy playoff hockey. But maybe we want to draw the line somewhere between trying to kick your opponent's ass and actually trying to mutilate them (when they are defenseless)?

Hopefully it looks worse than it was. Not so sure that's the case though.

Update: No word on what the league is going to do about Abdelkader just yet, but here's a poll from a Sportsnet article on the subject: