Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ovechkin Late Goal Disallowed, Russia Falls to Sweden

No dice, Ovi.

As Brett Hull later said while commentating for ESPN after Sweden's 2-1 victory over Rusian at the World Cup of Hockey, "If you aren't cheating you aren't trying."

Ovechkin valiantly argued that his goal, gloved in off a scramble past Jacob Markstrom with 8.2 seconds remaining, should have counted. But the play, originally waved off by the referee and ultimately disallowed after a good, hard look at video replays, did not count.

And Russia falls behind in the standings after getting thoroughly dominated by Sweden before mounting a late charge to add some suspense late.

The script was very similar to Russia's last exhibition loss against team Canada. They were outplayed early, feel behind, rallied some, but ultimately lost.

After the game, Ovechkin said he felt that his stick got a piece of the puck before it went into the net.

"I thought I touched it," Ovechkin said. "To be honest with you I didn't see the replay, but I [felt] the touch. I don't know if it was the puck or the stick. I definitely [felt] the touch on my hand on my stick. It doesn't matter right now. It's over, so we have to forget about it and move forward."

Russia will have to forget quickly. They'll face the high-flying Team North American on Monday night in Toronto.