Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Jeff Carter after Kings Loss to Buffalo: "We're Fragile"

Jeff Carter is not happy about the state of his L.A. Kings.

After Tuesday's 6-3 loss to the Sabres, a game that saw the Kings blow a 2-0 lead, Carter aired out some frustration.

"It was just terrible hockey," he said, according to L.A. Kings insider Jon Rosen. "We come on a seven-game road trip, 1-0 after the first. 2-0. We get a bad bounce and then we just […] shut down. It’s been going on for a while. Our second periods have not been good and they’ve been killing us. It’s everybody. It’s top to bottom. It’s unacceptable."

He says the Kings are a fragile bunch and they've been that way all season. The Kings dropped to 14-12-2 with the loss. They are now in fifth place in the Pacific Division and 4-8-1 on the road.

L.A. is in ninth in the Western Conference, percentage points behind Nashville for the second wild card slot. They've done all that while Peter Budaj has been filling in for Jonathan Quick, who was injured on opening night.

It could be worse, but Carter wasn't seeing that way after Jack Eichel and Co. roared back to defeat them.

"We’re fragile. We’re a fragile team. You get one bad bounce against you…You know, they’ve got good players over there. They’re going to have shifts in our end. We get running around. We lose coverage. They score one goal. We’re up 2-1. 2-1 on the road is pretty good and then we just crumble, and we’ve been doing it all year. Home, away, everywhere. It’s time we take a big look in the mirror here because these next six games are pretty crucial to our year.

Head Coach Darryl Sutter was asked to comment, but he said that Carter had pretty much covered everything:

"If they’re telling you guys that, I don’t have to comment on that," he said. "They’re part of the leadership group, they’re captains, and you expect them to feel like that and say that.