Thursday, December 1, 2016

Paul Maurice says Connor McDavid is Connor McJesus (without actually saying it)

It's nothing you haven't heard before--yeah, yeah, yeah, Connor McJesus is awesome--but it's nice to hear Paul Maurice give his take on the miracle that is Connor McDavid. One, because Maurice is an awesome interview that knows a thing or three about a thing or two and, two, because he gets that McDavid's combination of speed and hands is basically out of this world.

Yep, he's good. Real good. McDavid stretched his lead over the field by tallying three assists in Edmonton's 6-3 lead over the Jets at MTS Centre tonight.

In other news, Connor McDavid is no Wayne Gretzky. Wait, what? That doesn't fit the narrative at all. Ah, but the NHL those days was freewheeling. Today's tight-checking, low-scoring, big-ass-goalie padded NHL is a whole different ball of wax. Let's give McDavid 48 points just for putting up with those big-ass-goalie pads, and call the two players equally great, shall we?