Monday, December 12, 2016

Report: NHL to Review Krug Hit on Shaw

Above you see a GIF of the hit. Below you can see the whole thing:

After the game it was revealed that the Department of Player Safety will have a look-see at the play.

Here's what Krug said about the play after the game according to NBC Sports:

“I was looking at the puck, so I don’t really — I saw him and I knew who it was and I just assumed he was going to play the body because he’s a physical player. Lowered my shoulder and I don’t know what happened."

Here's what Habs' center, Brendan Gallagher, said about the hit (Gallagher later fought Krug):

“When you see your teammate get up the way Shaw did, he had blood coming from his face, Shaw would have done that for every guy on this team. It’s tough whenever you play this team. A lot of emotions involved. “There’s a lot of respect between these two teams, a lot of history. Today it got a little heated.”