Sunday, December 11, 2016

Watch: Patrik Laine Scores a Heartbreaking Own Goal and Gets a Hug

It's been a brilliant rookie campaign for Patrick Laine, but the 18-year-old Finn had a brain fade on Sunday night in Edmonton. A BIG TIME brain fade.

Watch as Laine shoots a rebound past his goalie Connor Hellebuyck and into the yawning cage after a Mark Letestu bomb ended up caroming off of his goalie's pads and right onto his stick. Hard to say what Laine was trying to do with this puck. Easy to say that he was probably trying to clear it out of harm's way but why whould he go in that direction instead of clearing it to the strong-side boards?

About the only thing that makes sense about this play is the hug that Jets' Captain Blake Wheeler gives Laine a big hug (actually Milan Lucic's reaction makes sense as well) as the rookie sits on the bench. Tough moment for the Jets, who are really struggling to get wins of late.

Still over five minutes to go in the third period, so maybe Laine and the Jets can give this sad story a happy ending?