Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Kerry Fraser Confirms Kevin Pollock's Blown Call on Trouba

The above play played a huge role in Winnipeg's 4-3 loss to the Sharks on Tuesday at MTS Centre, as it handed Melker Karlsson a penalty shot that allowed him to score the game-tying goal.

After the game Jets coach Paul Maurice disagreed with the call, simply repeating: "That's not a penalty." Even the Sharks' broadcasters had a hard time believing that Melker Karlsson got a penalty shot on this play--but he did.

According to Kerry Fraser, the call was wrong (duh).

On his website,, the longtime ref states that Kevin Pollock didn't have a good enough vantage point to make a call on that play. He says that Trouba made a perfecly legal stick check on Karlsson, but that Karlsson fooled Pollock, selling the slash by shaking his glove after he loses the puck.

"Trouba never gave up on the chase and made a very good defensive play by utilizing a legal stick check (stick to stick contact on the shaft and below the hands of Karlsson.)

Finally, the last piece of information that the referee perceived, and most likely one that caused him to throw his hand up (thinking that stick contact had been delivered to the hand), was when Karlsson had no play on the puck and took his top hand off his stick and gave the glove a little shake. It was at this point the penalty was called.

Once the referee felt that an infraction had been committed the only call he could make on this play was to award a penalty shot.

So, the call was bunk, but there was good news. We got to hear Sharks color man Randy Hahn bust out his Melk Man call.

We'd also like to point out that Karlsson was flying and there wasn't really much that Pollock could do to get in better position (hard to skate that fast when you are watching a play). Also, there's this. Trouba got dusted on this play and made it easy for Pollock to want to blow him for something (couldn't he just give him a minor for being slow?).

In the end, Pollock made the wrong call. He shouldn't have called what he didn't see. It wasn't a slash, and the Sharks shouldn't have had a penalty shot, or even a power play. It's definitely a bummer when as a defenseman you make a good play and the result is getting shafted.

Too bad there's no crying allowed in hockey.