Friday, January 6, 2017

Statisfaction: Stingy Caps, Matthews Shooting, December Scorers

Each day, Statisfaction throws five stats at you. Some of them stick, some of them don't.

1. The Capitals are considered by many pundits to be a team in search of identity. That may be true, but they are playing great defense, something you usually need to do to win in the post-season, for whatever it is worth in January. Currently they have the lowest GAA in the NHL:

2. Did you know that 19-year-old Auston Matthews is tied for the league lead in goals since Nov. 23? Now you do...

3. When you think about effective players this season in the NHL, do you think about Columbus' Brandon Saad? Maybe you should. He leads the NHL in points per minute at 5 on 5...

4. Auston Matthews is a beast. Check out how many shots he is generating at 5 on 5, per 60 minutes. And all you Calder watchers, not that Patrik Laine is not in the top 10. It's not a be-all end-all stat, but it does show what Matthews is bringing to the table with less talented linemates.

5. Victor Hedman is 4th in the NHL in scoring since December 1. Is he on anybody's Norris radar?