Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Gustav Nyquist Gets Six Game Suspension for Spearing Incident

The Detroit Red Wings will be without their third-leading scorer for six games.

Gustav Nyquist was handed a six-game suspension from the NHL's Department of Player Safety as a result of his spear to the face of Jared Spurgeon during the Red Wings 6-3 loss to Minnesota at Xcel Energy Center.

"As Nyquist stated during the hearing regarding this incident, he acts in retaliation from being crosschecked from behind," the NHL said in its video statement. "Nyquist insisted, however, that his intention upon getting back on his skates was to respond with a crosscheck of his own and that he was attempting to get his stick around Spurgeon and in position to deliver a crosscheck when the blade jabbed Spurgeon in the face."

"While we accept Nyquist's explanation that he did not attempt to spear an opponent in the face, there are two factors that elevate this incident to a level more serious than merely accidental or even reckless," the video states. "First, as Nyquist conceded, he is attempting to use his stick in a retaliatory fashion. Second, no matter how he specifically intended to retaliate with his stick, Nyquist is completely responsible for using his stick to deliver a blow that was extremely dangerous and easily could have resulted in a major if not career-threatening injury."

This is Nyquist's first suspension, and he will forfeit $158,333.34. The money goes to the Players' Emergency Assistance Fund.