Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tyler Myers to Miss 6-8 More Weeks Due to Surgery

Tyler Myers has only played 11 games for the Jets this season, and head coach Paul Maurice revealed today that it's unlikely that Myers will play 11 more.

The 27-year-old, out since Nov. 11 with a lower body injury, had surgery on Monday.

Maurice said that the team had hoped Myers would be able to get healthy by rehabbing the injury without surgery, but he could not push through.

"Tyler Myers had surgery yesterday," Maurice told the media today. "He had an injury that there's a long rehab on. For 90 percent of the people it's just long and they eventually get past that threshold and he could never get past that threshold. You delay it as long as you possibly can because you hope you don't have to."

It is believed that Myers will rejoin the team before the end of the regular season, which closes on April 8th.

"He had it yesterday--there's a six to eight week window on this recovery that we hope cleans everything up," Maurice said. "If he gets to that window and all goes well then he'll be back at the lineup at that time."

Maurice says that he plans on having Myers back before the end of the season.

"Not having Tyler has had a major impact," said Maurice. "Tyler has from the time he's been here had a real big impact on our game. It has pushed Byfuglien's minutes to a point where I don't think its helped him."

The injury is not to Myers' hip, which was repaired last year. Maurice said the surgery was to repair a pre-existing lower body injury.

"His hip's been good," Maurice said. "Hip and knee that he had done last year have been fine."

Myers cut his 2015-16 season short to undergo surgeries to his hip and knee last March. He played 73 games for the Jets last season, which was his first full season after being traded to Winnipeg in February of 2015.