Friday, February 3, 2017

Watch: Girgensons Tattoos McDonagh in Buffalo

Hey, you--tough guy. You like big hits? You want to see old-fashioned smash-mouth hockey?

Then here's the play of the night for you. Watch as Zemgus Girgensons sends New York Rangers Ryan McDonagh flying then skates up ice and finds another white jersey to hit.

The Rangers notched the 2-1 OT win, thanks to Chris Kreider's goal in the 3-on-3. It was Kreider's 20th of the season.

Honestly, the hit wasn't that big, it was just the way that McDonagh got caught and went flying, arms and legs akimbo, that made this a cool highlight. Luckily nobody got in the way of McDonagh's skate when his right leg went flying because that could have done some damage.