Friday, February 17, 2017

Watch: Jake Allen Makes Save without Mask On

Jake Allen did his best Terry Sawchuk impersonation during the Blues 4-3 victory over the Canucks at Scottrade Center in St. Louis on Thursday. When Daniel Sedin's sharp-angle shot jars Allen's mask loose the goalie fiddles with the strap for a moment before realizing it's a lost cause and pulling it off.

Problem was, referee Gord Dwyer either didn't notice that Allen's mask was off or he was in the mood to see the Blues netminder suffer. Whatever the reason he didn't blow the play dead when Vancouver re-entered the zone, and Allen was forced to drop the mask to the ice, square up, and make a save while viewers and his teammates and coaching staff held their breath:

Allen asks Dwyer why he didn't blow the play dead when the whistle does blow, and cameras catch Blue goalie coach Martin Brodeur reacting animatedly to the play while watching the game on video monitors from the pressbox:

Luckily Allen wasn't hurt. There's a reason an automatic whistle is supposed to come whenever a goalie loses his mask. It's simply too dangerous with the way players shoot these days.

"I did it in the minors a couple of times," Allen said of the scary moment after the game. "It's a weird rule because there's some times where some refs call it and some refs don't... It's a tough rule. The buckle completely snapped off there so I couldn't see out of my right eye. I just sort of pulled it off."

Allen said Dwyer told him that he didn't see the mask was off.

"He just said he didn't see it," Allen said. "He said once the play went up ice he didn't look back. I was yelling. It's tough to hear sometimes--fortunately no harm came from it."

Blues coach Mike Yeo had a good laugh about it with reporters after the game.

"He stood in there," said Yeo. "He's crazy.