Thursday, April 27, 2017

Boucher: Vegas Says Sens Don't Have a Chance

Are Guy Boucher and the Ottawa Senators using Las Vegas gambling odds as bulletin board material? Sounds like they are. Look at the wry smile on his face as he speaks about how is team is a huge underdog against the ultra-talented Rangers.

Sounds like he is enjoying every minute of it.

"I hear from everybody we don't seem to have much of a chance," said Boucher. "They're 10 to 1 in Vegas against us and everybody seems to think that they are going to roll over us, so I guess that they are a pretty good team."

Boucher will have no problem motivating his team for their upcoming best-of-7 series with the Rangers.

"Everbody is telling them how much stronger the opponent is, and everybody's telling them how we are not supposed to be a match for those guys. So I think understanding how good the opponent is is not a problem in that room -- they know."

Game 1 of the series is tonight at Canadian Tire Center.

Note: We're not into betting on hockey and have no idea what the odds of Ottawa actually winning the series are, but we do like Boucher's motivational tactics.