Saturday, April 22, 2017

Don Cherry on Kadri Hit on Ovechkin: It's a Beauty

Speaking on Hockey Night in Canada's Coach's Corner, the fabled Don Cherry voiced his strong opinion that the Nazem Kadri hit on Alexander Ovechkin was perfectly within the rules.

"This is a perfect, legal hit," says Cherry. "How could that be tripping? It's a beauty."

Cherry added: "It seems to me now if a guy gets hit and he's hurt, they look for a penalty, and that was not a penalty. It was a bad call as far as I'm concerned."

Speaking on NBC between periods analyst Mike Milbury shared a similar sentiment.

"This is a hip check," said Milbury. "I don't like hip checks, I don't think they're any good for the game, but this is a legitimate check. Kadri doesn't go below the knee. It's not clipping, it's not tripping. It's well within the time frame for making body contact. What they should do is get rid of hip checking."

Brian Gionta, also working for NBC, also gave his take: "As far as players are concerned that's a hit that we want ot of the game," said Gionta. "But as the rule stands there's no interference there, it's not late hit. ... It's an unfortunate injury ... but according to the rule book it looks like it shouldn't be a penalty." Not everybody agrees with Milbury, Cherry and Gionta.