Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Jared Boll Laughs it up as Anaheim Scores First Goal of Game 3

Jared Boll has been enjoying some ice time for the Ducks during their Western Conference Final with the Nashville Predators--and he's also enjoying his off-ice time. The checking forward put a big hit on Harry Zolnierczyk late in the second period (full video below) and was immediately asked to fight by surly enforcer Cody McLeod. Boll Obliged, McLeod got the instigator penalty and the rest is history.

Just hilarious, if you're Boll.

But pretty unecessary if you're McLeod. The playoffs are not the time to take an instigator penalty and McLeod learned that the hard way tonight. Corey Perry's goal from an impossible angle has given the Ducks a 1-0 lead, and they'll have the momentum heading into the third.

McLeod would have had many chances to seek retribution without taking an instigator, and that's on him.

Here's the play in its entirety, and the fight (which was a decent one).

And here's the goal: